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Saving Energy: The 6-Step Guide to Tenant Action

LIEN is pleased to announce a great new resource called "Saving Energy: The 6-Step Guide to Tenant Action"!  This Guide was written for people like you who want to help tenants save energy and money. Offering a simple 6-step approach to get neighbourhoods organized and working towards common goals, the Guide can help kick start tenant-led energy conservation activities and more.  In this Guide you will find key advice every 'Step' of the way, examples and tips based on lessons learned from real-world experiences, and a helpful 'Info & Ideas' resource section at the end.

This Guide, written by the Toronto Environmental Alliance, is part of a 3-part project in partnership with LIEN to provide resources, workshops, and program opportunities for low-income tenant neighbourhoods to work together, take action and save energy!

We hope you will benefit from this Guide and share it with others!

Click here for your own free copy.

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