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LIEN Annual Conference 2006 - Peterborough

"Heat, Eat AND Pay the Rent: Green Solutions to Energy Poverty in Ontario"

The 2006 Low-Income Energy Network (LIEN) & Affordable Housing Action Committee (AHAC) Conference
Co-sponsored by the Peterborough Community Legal Centre (PCLC), Community Counselling & Resource Centre (CCRC)

Friday, May 26, 2006, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Westdale United Church, 1509 Sherbrooke Street, Peterborough

A gathering for anti-poverty, affordable housing and environmental advocates to share experiences and engage in an action agenda on low-income energy issues such as:

  • Rising energy prices and rate affordability
  • Reducing bills and pollution through energy conservation programs for low-income consumers (homeowners and renters)
  • Smart Meters, sub-metering, and how the [new] Tenant Protection Act deals with energy issues
  • How local utilities can be involved, and the role of the OPA/Conservation Bureau and the OEB
  • Where should our energy come from?
  • Getting to a comprehensive province-wide low-income energy conservation/assistance strategy
  • A Case Study: Peterborough's experience with energy assistance for low-income households

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in low-income energy issues, or who wants to get involved. No special expertise required - bring your questions and your experiences to share with others.

Who/What is the Low-Income Energy Network?
The Low-Income Energy Network (LIEN) is a network of community organizations that was formed to raise awareness of implications for low-income households of increases in energy prices and to propose solutions. LIEN aims to ensure universal access to adequate energy as a basic necessity, while minimizing the impacts on health and on the local and global environment of meeting the essential energy and conservation needs of all Ontarians. LIEN promotes programs and policies which tackle the problems of energy poverty and homelessness, reduce Ontario's contribution to smog and climate change, and promote a healthy economy through the more efficient use of energy, a transition to renewable sources of energy, education and consumer protection.

LIEN currently has over 50 member organizations and a steering committee made up of representatives from:

  • Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ACTO)
  • Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)
  • Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC)
  • Share the Warmth (STW)
  • Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC)
  • Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA)
  • Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA)

Conference materials:

Registration form


Low-Income Energy Efficiency Plan for Canada - Bruce Pearce, Clifford Maynes (Green Communities Canada)

Peterborough programs & services for low-income people - Rosemary O'Donnell (Housing Resource Centre)

Energy Assistance Background Report (Peterborough) - Margaret McCutcheon (Housing Resource Centre)

Low-Income Energy Plan for Peterborough City and County - John Todd (Elenchus Research Associates)

Peterborough's FUSE program & Thermal Storage project - David Whitehouse (Peterborough Utility Services)

LIEN Advocacy Update - Mary Todorow (Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario)

Affordable Housing, Electricity and the Conservation Bureau - Julia McNally (Conservation Bureau)

Electricity Conservation, Demand Management Programs and Low-Income Customers - Zora Crnojacki (Ontario Energy Board)

Helping Low-Income Consumers - Sarah Blackstock (Income Security Advocacy Centre)

Low-Income Energy Efficiency: Brantford Power's Conserving Homes program - Edward de Gale (Share the Warmth)

A Lean, Green and Clean Energy Future for Ontario - Keith Stewart (World Wildlife Fund - Canada)

Wrap-up: Working locally to eliminate energy poverty - Michael Shapcott (Toronto Disaster Relief Committee)

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