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Ontario Energy Board stakeholder consultation on low-income energy issues

Due in part to the May 16th decision in LIEN's Divisional Court appeal that found the OEB does have jurisdiction to implement rate affordability programs for low-income residential consumers, the Board announced on July 2nd that it was starting a consultation process to examine energy issues associated with low-income consumers, such as rate assistance, arrears management, disconnection procedures,…

LIEN, the low-income energy burden in Ontario and the impact of non-action

The attached presentation gives an introduction to the Low Income Energy Network (LIEN), and the environmental context in which it operates, including a background on electricity restructuring, the low-income energy burden, energy and the environment, and the barriers to conservation…

LIEN and the low-income energy burden in Ontario

A presentation given by LIEN at the Building Partnerships for Energy Conservation Workshop in January 2005. The workshop was hosted by Climate Air Connections and the Clean Air Foundation.

Regulated Price Plan and low-income consumers

A presentation given by LIEN in September, 2004 at the Ontario Energy Board's initial consultation on the Regulated Price Plan.

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