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New rules for energy retailers in 2017

On January 1, 2017, new rules come into effect regarding energy (electricity and/or natural gas) contracts and how energy retailers deal with residential and small business consumers. The rules include banning contracting with consumers at home. Many of these new rules were recommended by the OEB when it reviewed how well the Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010 has worked since 2011 to protect the interests of residential and small business consumers in their dealings with energy retailers.

The Impact of Differential Distribution Rates on Rural Residential Electricity Consumers

The OEB issued a new rate design policy on April 2, 2015, that changes the way Hydro One and other local electricity distributors bill residential customers. Currently, distribution rates are a combination of a fixed monthly charge and a usage charge. Under the new policy, all the costs for residential distribution services will be collected through a fixed monthly charge.

$900 Million from Ontario's Cap and Trade Program to Help with Energy Retrofits and Energy Efficiency

$900 Million from Cap and Trade Program to Help Social Housing with Energy Retrofits and Residential Multi-tenant Buildings with Energy Efficiency Improvements

While Ontario will not begin auctioning greenhouse gas allowances under the new Cap and Trade program until 2017, the Province has committed close to $1 billion of the possible proceeds under the program to redress the burden borne by low-income households and vulnerable communities in mitigating climate change.

On May 25, Ontario announced funding of $900 million over four years for social housing energy retrofits and the improvement of energy efficiency in…

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