Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

LIEN Annual Conference 2005 – Toronto

The Low Income Energy Network was pleased to host the Fighting Poverty and Pollution Conference in Toronto on April 7, 2005.

This was a gathering for anti-poverty, affordable housing and environmental advocates in Ontario to share experiences and develop an action agenda on low-income energy issues such as:

  • Rising energy prices and housing affordability;
  • What the new electricity legislation means for the environment and affordability;
  • Reducing bills and pollution through energy conservation programs for low-income housing;
  • Smart meters, sub-metering, and how the new Tenant Protection Act deals with energy issues;
  • How to work with your local utility; and
  • Where should our energy come from in the future?; and
  • What should be the priorities for LIEN’s activities in 2005 – 2006?

For background information and copies of presentations made at the conference, please refer to the documents posted below.

Conference materials


Discussion paper on a low-income energy efficiency strategy

Background presentation on LIEN


TEA — who does what on energy policy in Ontario

ACTO — The Tenant Protection Act, energy and sub-metering

Affordable and Efficient: a low-income energy efficiency strategy

Pembina — Ontario sustainable electricity

CELA — What’s been done so far: LIEN origins, principles and proposals

ACTO — The low-income energy burden in Ontario

Ontario Energy Board — Electricity distributors conservation and demand management

Toronto Hydro — Conservation and demand management: July 2004 to September 2007

Enbridge — Mass markets low-income program

Share the Warmth – The Provincial Energy Fund